Company Activities

Our company provides its services to large, middle as well as small enterprises from building, trade, services, education and insurance industry in the whole Czech Republic. These services represent especially an audit of annual financial statements of the client┤s company according to current national as well as international standards. Our professional team has acquired rich experience also in the field of an audit for special purposes. Except this NBG, spol. s r.o. provides also verification of internal control systems including accounting accuracy and analysing of weaknesses in financial management followed by proposals for improvements.
All these activities are based on a team cooperation. The company values include high quality, professionality and responsibility. The focus of our activities lies in regular personal contact with the client, high-quality performance and flexibility in advisory and decision making.

Further Expert Ativities

According to the needs of the clients NBG, spol. s r.o. provides also internal audit and system analysis. This includes running cooperation based on verification of internal documents, analysing of economic activities, working out of internal legal norms, controlling and proposals for improvements in company┤s operation.

Cooperation With Our Clients

With respect to a cooperation with our clients, we prefer contractual cooperation for current consultancy, which results in diminishing the risks of errors in the client ┤s accounting and taxes, so that the annual audit can be carried out without problems and complications. Within the framework of the cooperation, we send to our clients a special NBG bulletin several times a year, in which we draw their attention to new taxation and accounting laws and its reflection on the companies. Moreover we organise for our clients every year in autumn a whole-day seminar during which we acquaint them with up-to-date methods for drawing up the annual financial statements and tax return.

Outputs of Our Activities

Audit of annual financial statements includes:
  • Auditor┤s report on the financial statements
  • Auditor┤s report on the annual report
  • Auditor┤s report on the consolidated financial statements
  • Auditor┤s report for the management of the client┤s company which includes information about the audit process and about shortcomings found out during the audit
  • Working out these reports in Czech, English or German language according to client┤s preferences
  • We provide flexible advisory according to individual needs of our client. We do our best to meet our client┤s expectations and offer verbal consultations as well as written opinions.

Our company is covered by a framework insurance contract among ╚eskß poji╣╗ovna a.s., Kooperativa poji╣╗ovna, a.s., ╚SOB Poji╣╗ovna, a.s. and the Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic up to 10.000.000,- CZK. In case of an insured accident the auditor is liable up to this amount.